Non-Research Projects



  • Co-wrote a kernel with features such kernel threads, filesystem and virtual memory.
  • Designed a simulator for studying swarming behavior of cockroaches.
  • Designed a simple text editor having encryption, file launcher in browser and added features
  • Simulated the entire instruction set of Intel 8086 using C++ programming.
  • Examined the current development in Chennai, India and developed an algorithm to predict as well as suggest development zones using Cellular Automata Theory.
  • Created a medical diagnosis system using Prolog by utilizing Artificial Intelligence techniques. Also implemented this software on the web using PHP.
  • Worked on SQUID Proxy Servers to calculate the level of general-load web-page caching and determine the effectiveness and utility of proxy servers for modern day internet surfing.
  • Remote controlled shutdown of Linux based workstations using Atmega 8 microcontroller.
  • Implemented K-means clustering and Principal Component Analysis on GPU.

Please don’t hesitate to email me for code of any of these projects!