Research and Publications


Following is my research along with select publications


  • Elastic-Compute Project on server scalability and fast response times. This work in under Dr. Michael Zyda, USC GamePipe Lab.


    • Implementing μ – Interplanetary Overlay Network in the FreeRTOS environment. This work is under Dr. Marius Feldmann.
  • Analysis of energy consumption in live migration of Virtual Machines. This work is under Kateryna Rybina, Energy Efficiency Labs, Computer Networks, TU Dresden


  • Kateryna Rybina, Abhinandan Patni and Alexander Schill, Analysing the Migration Time of Live Migration of Multiple Virtual Machines, CLOSER’14
  • Zeon Trevor Fernando, Priyank Trivedi, Abhinandan Patni, Priyal Trivedi, DOCAID: Predictive Healthcare Analytics using Naive Bayes Theorem, Student Research Symposium, ICACCI 2013.
  • Priyank Trivedi, Abhinandan Patni, Tejaswi Agarwal, Zeon Trevor Fernando, An improvement in the build algorithm for Kd-trees using mathematical mean, 6th International Conference Science Engineering and Technology, VIT University.



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